Hey, I am Stan. 
I design products, create stories, take lots of photos and love good coffee. 


Working along great teams, I co-founded mobile apps featured by Apple, crafted car interior UX concepts for Continental, designed the web platform for photographers with EyeEm, and produced short-films featured on GOOD.

I focus on the human-centered design to craft products and services that delight with beauty, backed by a thoughtful strategy and grounded in a strong vision. I believe that being a good storyteller helps me to understand real human behaviour and build better services.

Explore some of my projects below.


New stories and updates


Designing EyeEm User Profiles:
Working on the new navigation for EyeEm, we've created new designs for User Profiles, striving to simplify the UX and add the visual focus on photography.  


Co-Design for LinkedIn Jobs
Case Study: Creating a business and product concept for LinkedIn, helping applicants to manage their entire job application process on LinkedIn.

How This Saturday Made Hundreds Of Homeless People Happy:
Discover how we've documented the story about the first ever Street Store in Guatemala. 


Designing the Safari Surf Story: 
Being in Costa Rica we've worked with Safari Surf School to create their new website, produce 4 promotion films and shoot over 1000 photos.

Epiclist: Design Case Study
Learn how we've designed Epiclist from an idea to a global launch, being featured by Apple and reaching users from over 35 countries in 3 months. 


LANDR - Design Case Study
Building the new LANDR website with Material Design specs in 24h, touching the UX, UI, Branding and Business parts of the landing page.